Got five minutes, kick the clutter. Use these 14 awesome tips to tackle spaces throughout your home in 5 minutes or less.

The dust bunnies will thank you.

1. Toss the coffee mugs
Unless you are a collector whose love is for the coffee cups of the world, chances are you have a few extra that you can get rid of. Get a box, and rid your cabinet of all the extras.

2. Get rid of your extra Tupperware
Do they even make Tupperware anymore? I speak of all the plastic container that you use for food storage, and like socks, pairs will often go missing. Sort through your pile and get rid of any containers that don’t have a lid, or lids that have no containers.

3. Put away the outerwear
It seems that the coats have a tendency linger on the hooks by the front door much longer than needed. Indeed, there may be a time that the seasons overlap, but once that time passes it is time to gather up the unused coats and hang them back in the closet. Sort through and donate any coats that are outgrown, or have seen better days.

4. Coffee Table Clean Up
Wipe down rarely-used remotes, and tuck them away in a drawer or shelf. Using a nice tray or bowl, corral up the necessary clutter. Put out your best magazines, or coffee table books.

5. Office Space
Declutter the desk quickly by putting pens back into their holders, upcycle unneeded paper, remove outdated post-it notes, and straighten up messy stacks of paper and books.

6. Create an Organized Collection
Find a place for all those extra to live, have a collection of candles with no real home, pick a spot, wipe them down, and make it a decoration. Board games cluttering up a corner, clean off a closet shelf and give them a home.

7. Get Hooked-Up
Hooks are a great help in every room of the house. Put a couple in your closets to hang scarves and belts. A hook or two by the front door catch keys, and shopping bags. It the kitchen, hang up your coffee mugs.

8. Stop the paper trail
Paper sucks. It creates an incomprehensible mess and just like the laundry and the dishes it seems to never end. Recycle old newspapers, magazines, and unneeded papers. Shred bills, and file your old receipts. Then go paperless and leave the mail out of the house. Sort junk mail directly into the recycling.

9. Get a system in place
Clutter can pile up in areas, and when it does it has a tendency to happen over and over again. Developed a system for that area that make sense. If you leave a lot of throw pillows and blankets out on the couch, put a basket in the living room, and toss the blankets into the basket before bed.

10. Dump Your Purse
Empty out all the contents of your purse onto a table. Sort out the trash and other necessaries, and then put the content back in an organized fashion….Ta-Dah! you can find your keys again..

11. Trash the old toiletries
Chances are that if you haven’t used it in a year, you don’t need it and won’t use it. Take a look all your makeup and nail polish and get rid of items that are past their due date.

12. Make a list
Do you have company coming to town, or an event that you need to be ready for? Make a list of your bigger organization projects, and prioritize it.

13. Make the Beds
In as little as 30 seconds, you can have your bed made. It makes the bedroom more presentable, and a joy to climb into at night. Then turn it into a habit.

14. Establish a donation bin
Establish a bin or bag close to the front door and label it as the donation bin. Every Time you do laundry, sort through the kitchen, or find a kids toy that is past its prime, toss it in the donation bin. When it’s full haul it off right away. There is no reason to wait until you have a full truck load to make the donation. Don’t forget to get a receipt for you tax deductions.

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