Terms of Service

We provide our services with the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Learn about our terms of service and how we conduct our business.

By contracting our service, you agree to the following: 

24-Hour Clean Warranty

Did we miss a spot? Our services have a 24-Hour Warranty! If we don’t clean something to your satisfaction, contact us within 24-Hours of your service and we will return to clean any unsatisfactory areas. If we are closed, you can leave a time-stamped message at (512) 258-4798 or [email protected] and your 24-Hour Warranty will be honored. 

Please note that a “re-do” service must be scheduled to occur within 2-days of your initial service.

Our Lockout Policy

Please leave a key or provide us with access to your home for all scheduled appointments. If we are unable to enter your home for any reason, a $75 Lockout Fee will be assessed. 

Late Fees

If your credit card declines, we will reach out for a different form of payment.

Payment is due upon receipt. Effective April 10, 2024, accounts not paid within 3 days of the date of the service are considered late. Unpaid balances are subject to a daily $1 late fee, charged until the balance is paid in full.

Move In & Move Out Cleaning Service Policy

Items that are left behind by a client will NOT be discarded by the maid team. If you want for us to remove items from the premises, we charge an additional fee for removing the personal property that was left behind.

If we cannot reach a client to discuss the removal of items, we will try to put items in one general area so that the rental unit looks tidy. We do not move oversized or heavy items.

Feel free to call us at (512) 258-4798 to discuss your needs in detail.

Hourly Clients and Approval for additional time

We will call the phone number(s) on file to advise you if we believe your home will take longer to complete. If we are unable to reach you via phone, we will update you via the email(s) on file. If we do not hear back from you, before your allotted time expires, the maid team will stop work and move on to their next assignment. You may call us to schedule additional maid service as needed for another time or another day.

Please note that we will not warranty our maid service if you do not provide approval for the necessary amount of time that is needed to clean your home.

Damage Exclusions & Exceptions

All items of value that are non-replaceable, one-of-a-kind, sentimental value, collector items, discontinued patterns, family heirlooms, and high cost crystal-china-ceramic items must be disclosed to The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. These items cannot be cleaned due to insurance regulations.

The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. will not be liable for items broken or damaged due to product wear-and-tear, nor damage to or caused by fixtures that are not properly secured such as pictures, mirrors, window treatments, wall coverings, lack of furniture glides for wood floors, lack of scratch covers on the bottom of furniture decor, cabinet mounted appliances, and household accessories.

The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. will not be liable for scratches or stains on hard or soft surfaces, as we take great care in ensuring that the products we use do not have the potential to cause such damage.

The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. will not be liable for damage that is not reported within 24-hours of your last cleaning. We will not accept liability for damages directly or indirectly caused by non-standard company products and equipment requested to be used.

The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. will only consider liability for the repair of replacement cost of the item damaged or broken. If an item is part of a set, only the cost of the individual item will be considered.

Our Service Fee

This fee includes the cost of cleaning materials and the cost of traveling to your home. 

Our Cancellation Policy

We require a 24-Hour notice of cancellation.

Because we reserve a time especially for you, please make any schedule changes by 5PM the day before service to avoid incurring a $75 late cancellation fee.

When is my credit card charged?

Effective February 4, 2022, all first time cleanings will require a 50% deposit, payable by credit card, to get on our cleaning schedule.

We will keep your credit card on file and upon completion of your service, your credit card will be charged for the remaining balance due.

We reserve the right to refuse service

We reserve the right to deny and/or terminate service because of safety concerns, inappropriate or uncomfortable situations, weapons/drugs on premises, severe clutter, hoarding situations or disconnected utilities.

Our employees have the choice to leave if they find unsanitary conditions or if they feel unsafe or threatened. If you book a cleaning that is unreasonable, the cleaners may refuse service on the spot and you will be charged a $75 cancellation fee.

Do you offer gift cards? Hourly Quotes/Estimates/Jobs and What to Expect

Please note that we will endeavor to complete all cleaning tasks within the time we’ve estimated. In some cases, factors beyond our control might require that you approve additional time at our agreed hourly rate.

Please note that time estimates provided by The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. are guidelines and may vary greatly depending on, but not limited to: actual size of home, condition of home, the number of people and pets that have lived in the home, whether you have electricity and water available, whether you are still in the process of moving and whether the home is still furnished or is completely empty.

For what reasons might my Cleaning Warranty become invalidated?

Your cleaning warranty becomes invalid if:

  • You do not provide approval for the necessary amount of time that is needed to clean your home.
  • You do not contact us within 24-hours of your cleaning service to alert us to an issue.
  • There is another service provider working on your home. ie. electricians, carpenters, handymen, plumbers, painters, carpet cleaners, hvac providers, etc. We must be the only service provider at your home during our cleaning.
  • Please note that a “redo” service of any areas missed must be scheduled to occur within 2-days of your initial service. Redo services outside this window of time will have to pay our normal hourly rate.