Back in 2011, which seems like yesterday Forbes magazine ranked Austin, TX as the #1 boom town.  We got named the #1 city positioned to grow and prosper over a period of a decade.  Well, we are 4 years into the decade and Forbes was dead on.  I guess they take things a little seriously over there.  The factors that they looked at for their research included high rates of immigration and migration of educated workers.  We were also ranked highly because of the job creation, and they also called up economic superstars.

But that is not all our not so little any more city has continued to rank as #1:

#1 in Tech: The Wall Street journal published an article in February of 2015 that showed the results of a London firm, Savills, that ranked Austin the #1 Tech city, surpassing San Francisco. Austin, Texas, came first in the overall ranking. “It’s got the talent,” said Paul Tostevin, lead research analyst for Savills.

#1 in Job Creation: Ok, this one was a tie with Salt Lake City, but we are Austinites, we don’t mind sharing.  The Gallup Poll was conducted throughout the year in 2014.  The results were also recently published in Time magazine.

#1 City to Invest In: Forbes likes Austin, or shall I say data loves Austin.  We seem to be doing something right.  Forbes teamed up with Local Market Monitor (LMN), the data company looks for a correlation between average income and home prices making Austin one of the most undervalued housing markets in the US.

#1 City for Wildlife: When they published this they were not talking about 6th street, which came to a surprise to me! There are just a few things that I didn’t know when I read this article…We have 2,154 Certified Wildlife Habitats in the city, and the most backyard habitats per capita and the most Schoolyard habitats.  We all know about the bats.  We are a little famous for bat watching on Congress, but did you know that there are 1.5 million of them, how did they even count that?

#1 Safest Major City in Texas: Texas is a big state and we have 4 major cities, it is not surprise to me that we have the lowest crime rates in comparison to Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.  The study was published in The Texas Monthly, based on statistics from the FBI.

It’s no wonder that we get approximately 110 net new residents moving here everyday according City of Austin demographer Ryan Robinson.

What is your favorite thing about our great city of Austin?

Whether you are new to town or a long term resident, it is time to get out there and enjoy all that Austin has to offer, we aren’t here just for the weather are we?  So go out and play and while you do please give us a call 512-258-4798 and we will take care of all of your house cleaning needs.  After all, we are ranked the #1 Austin cleaning service according to Yelp!



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