One Less Hassle While Moving!

Best Move In Cleaning Service

The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. is here to make your move in cleaning a breeze.  Moving is hard. In fact, it’s one of the most stressful event in one’s life and we are here for it.  We’ll get your new space clean and sanitized prior to your move in so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Our move-in cleaning service includes deep cleaning of all rooms, including the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas. We’ll also clean and sanitize all surfaces, including countertops, sinks, toilets, and shower stalls. We’ll even wipe out all the cabinets and drawers and hand wash all the baseboards.

With our hospital-grade disinfectant, we’ll make sure that your new home is not only clean but also safe and healthy for you and your family. Trust the Boardwalk Cleaning Co. to take the stress out of your move-in and give you a fresh start in your new home.

We Make Moving Easier For Austin Residents!

Moving in? Before you do, leave the dirty work to us!

Our Move In Cleaning Service includes the following: 1 We believe you should be in control of adding extras that fit your needs and budget. We’re open to adding additional items as needed.

  • All flooring is swept, mopped or vacuumed
  • All window sills and window ledges are wiped down
  • All cobwebs are removed
  • All toilets, sinks, counters, tubs, and showers are thoroughly wiped down, cleaned and disinfected
  • All mirrors, fixtures and chrome are dusted, cleaned and shined
  • All kitchen surfaces are wiped down, cleaned and sanitized
  • We will clean your refrigerator inside and out
  • We will clean your range or stovetop
  • We will clean your oven inside and out
  • We will clean your microwave inside and out
  • We will dust and clean your pantry and all cabinetry inside and out
  • We will hand wipe all shelves
  • All trash cans/waste baskets are emptied and washed
  • We will hand wipe all light fixtures. Fixtures are washed in place & not removed
  • We will hand wipe all ceiling fan blades
  • We will hand wipe all light switch plates
  • We hand wash all the doors, cabinet fronts, door frames, trim and chair rails
  • We wash the baseboards by hand, and vacuum along the edges of the carpet
  • We vacuum all the blinds, shutters and lower intake vents. In some cases, blinds will need to be ultrasonically cleaned by a professional blind cleaner
  • We will scoop out ashes from your fireplace (optional)
  • We will sweep the entryway to your home

Don’t hesitate, hire The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. and enjoy this new season like never before!

Other House Cleaning Options

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Move In Cleaning Service