When moving into a new home, deep cleaning ensures a fresh, healthy start. It's crucial to remove dust, dirt, and grime left behind by previous occupants or construction crews. The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. in Austin, TX, specializes in "Make Ready" move-in cleaning services that not only clean but also disinfect homes before new residents bring in their belongings. A recent project in Austin highlights their expertise and meticulous approach to deep cleaning for new homeowners.

A homeowner recently contacted The Boardwalk Cleaning Co., distressed about the condition of their new home. Despite being newly constructed, the house was dusty, and the bathrooms and kitchen didn't meet their cleanliness standards. Concerned about moving into a less-than-pristine home, they reached out for a professional deep cleaning service.

Moving In Deep Cleaning Recommended Actions

The cleaner from The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. recommended a comprehensive deep cleaning plan that included:

  • High and low dusting to remove construction dust from surfaces and air vents.
  • Detailed scrubbing of all surfaces, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Steam cleaning of hardwood and tile floors to remove stains and residue.
  • Deep cleaning of carpets to ensure they are free from dust and small debris.
  • Sanitization of frequently touched areas like doorknobs, light switches, and countertops.
  • Window cleaning, including sills and frames, to remove dust and smudges.

Execution and Results

Following the recommended actions, the cleaner meticulously executed the deep cleaning process. They started with dusting and vacuuming, followed by the scrubbing of surfaces using eco-friendly cleaning agents. The floors were steam cleaned, restoring their shine and removing any sticky residues. Carpets were deep cleaned with attention to removing allergens. After several hours of diligent work, the home looked and smelled fresh, providing a truly clean start for the homeowners.

Throughout the process, the cleaner kept the homeowner informed via updates about the progress and any areas that required special attention. They provided tips on maintaining the cleanliness of the home and recommended scheduling regular cleaning sessions to keep the home in top condition.

Choose Us for Top-Notch Moving In Deep Cleaning in Austin!

The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. has proven its dedication to providing thorough and effective cleaning services that make homes move-in ready. Their attention to detail and tailored approach to each client's needs underscore their commitment to customer satisfaction.

If you're moving to a new home, choose The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. in Austin, TX, for your move-in deep cleaning needs. Trust their expertise to transform your new residence into a spotless, welcoming environment. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them the ideal choice for handling your house cleaning needs.