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Thank You For Booking Your House Cleaning Service

Thank You For Booking Your House Cleaning Service

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Thanks for booking your house cleaning service with The Boardwalk Cleaning Co.  We’re looking forward to getting to work and exceeding your expectations. 😁

As a reminder, we schedule all work between 8AM-5PM and you will receive a 1-hour courtesy call/text with an estimated time of arrival on the day of service.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

The Team at The Boardwalk Cleaning Co.
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Excellent4.7 Based on 866 reviews from review us on ★★★★☆ Good, but not better than any other cleaning company. It's hard to make a dent on this business, I guess, unless you sacrifice profit over customer satisfaction.O KO K ★★★★★ I love your service. I have a large house with multiple adults living there and I don't have to fight with anyone because your ladies do such a good job!Margaret J.Margaret J. ★★★★★ As always, the boardwalk crew brought their a game. The house looks amazing and they didn’t miss a spot.Rob R.Rob R. ★★★★★ Milo and Sergio did an excellent job cleaning my house. This is the first time I have used this company and I hope I can get them back again.I wish the company could figure out a shorter window of time the cleaners come ( for me it was anywhere between noon and five) and to guarantee the same cleaners for every visit. I don’t love inviting strangers in my house and I would prefer the same cleaners each time.Shell B.Shell B. ★★★★★ Excellent - very thorough. We were very pleased with this cleaning service.Sam S.Sam S. ★★★★★ I’ve been using this service for a while. They’re professional and reliable. Last weekend Roxana and Marbella did a very good job, I’m very satisfied with the cleaning.Óscar Zoletto L.Óscar Zoletto L. ★★★★★ The people at Boardwalk Cleaning are so helpful, friendly and the cleaning staff is thorough and 100% reliable.Beth B.Beth B. ★★★★★ Cleaning was very thorough. The oven and refrigerator interiors looked like new.Steven B.Steven B. ★★★★★ Very thorough and we plan to use their services again when we move into our new house. The house was spotless and they spent 7+ hours on our 2700 squ ft home.Shari W.Shari W. ★★★★☆ We looked around for a reputable and dependable cleaning service that used non toxic products to clean our home. I'm happy with our choice to hire Boardwalk...Mike S.Mike S. ★★★★★ Vianey H. & Rosa R. were fantastic! Such sweet women and they worked very hard. We ordered a deep clean on our condo. Our place is a bit complicated, lofty & lots of exposed pipes etc. They did a meticulous job & asked several times that we check their work to give any feedback. They were such a pleasure to work with. We will absolutely request them in our next clean. Boardwalk as a business is great too! I love the online booking features & there was excellent communication when it was determined that they were going to need more time than was originally estimated. There were no surprises. Highly recommend this company!Kathryn H.Kathryn H. ★★★★★ We've been using the service since we moved to Austin over a year ago. Their time and budget estimates are very accurate and I love that they sent an...Zoe G.Zoe G. ★★★★★ Team 9 did a fantastic job helping us out and I'd like to thank them publicly.RayneRayne ★★★★☆ Everything was thorough except the refrigerator. I paid for the move out service and ended up cleaning the refrigerator myself which was a let down. Otherwise not a bad job.Theodore H.Theodore H. ★★★★★ I love this company! They do a fabulous job of cleaning! I use them every other week, and I can pause, or change dates by just emailing them. The manager responds to my requests personally. I have nothing bad to say about them! They come on time and do a great job while they are here. I highly recommend their services.susan L.susan L. ★★★★★ Another great cleaning. Thank you Astrid and Angela, team 79. It is much appreciated.Brenda H.Brenda H. ★★★★★ Team 10 got the job done. Thorough!D BD B ★★★★★ Very happy with service by Lorena & Marisol! Amazing attention to detail, very thorough, and they were really good with our two huge, excitable dogs!Elle K.Elle K. ★★★★★ Have used boardwalk for years and they never disappoint. Had Ana and Angie today, and they are their professionals and exceed expectations. Couldn’t be happier with the job they did. Thank you 🙏Bon B.Bon B. ★★★★★ Boardwalk Cleaning did a fantastic job with our move out cleaning service! Everything was spotless.Erin H.Erin H. ★★★★★ We hired Boardwalk Cleaning Co. to do a "Spring Cleaning" on our 3,500 sq. ft. home. Ana G and Angelica G arrived on time, introduced themselves and got to work cleaning our entire home. Everything from from our baseboards, windows to removing every item from our fridge, freezer and pantry to clean shelving. They even took the time to organize my pantry, leaving things in the same area they were found but just putting them back in a very neat and organized way. They were also sweet to our excitable golden retriever who kept stealing their cleaning cloths. The original estimated time it would take was a little short they had a supervisor come by to make sure I was okay with the extra time it would take and even let me know I could cut it short or ask the women to wrap it up at any time. Ana and Angelica honestly did a job better than I could have asked for.Katie H.Katie H. ★★★★★ Ingris and Nora did a great job.Jonathan T.Jonathan T. ★★★★★ Abby and Mariana (hope I got the spelling right), did a great job. Friendly, professional and responsive. Very thorough. We are very happy with their service.Andrea C.Andrea C. ★★★★★ My house was cleaned by team 8 (Vianey and Rosa)I love Boardwalk Cleaning Company. They are always professional and friendly. They let me know before they arrive and always come as a team of two. They also are always sweet to my lazy dog ☺️I’d highly recommend them.Matthew H.Matthew H. ★★★★★ I have been using Boardwalk Cleaning for several years. The company is very responsive and flexible when I need to make changes in my schedule. And the people they send to my home are always professional and reliable, and do an excellent job.Kelly W.Kelly W. ★★★★★ They are amazing! They always responded to my emails and adapted to my schedule when needed. The cleaning was great!Jessica A.Jessica A. ★★★★★ Holy Moly! I contracted Boardwalk Cleaning Co. for a deep cleaning of my 4-bedroom house and the two professionals they sent cleaned my house better than I could have imagined. I even looked for areas that they may have overlooked. Nothing! I will be using them for all my cleaning needs moving forward. Highly recommend Boardwalk Cleaning Co. for any and all of your cleaning needs. There is nothing better than coming home to a pristine home.Muffy M.Muffy M. ★★★★★ Nora and Ingris team 14, did such a great job cleaning what’s important to me and taking care of the house while they cleaned.Kaitlyn W.Kaitlyn W. ★★★★★ We have been without a cleaning service for awhile, and our place was really starting to show it. Neysy H and Angela did a fantastic job. Super thorough and the house sparkles!Terrell H.Terrell H. ★★★★★ Astrid and Angela are absolutely wonderful!!! They came out today to do a spring clean before my in-laws arrive this evening and exceeded all of my very high expectations. The job was bigger than we all had expected and they stayed extra, extra late to make sure everything was just perfect and I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you ladies for your attention to detail and going above and beyond!!! I’m looking forward to your next visit.Kaili O.Kaili O. ★★★★★ We have had regular bi-weekly cleanings for the last few months now and have had really good service. Timely, thorough, and efficient! Everyone we’ve had come to service our home has been great. Today we had Juan and Juana and they did the best job yet! Really pleased with our cleanings - it’s so helpful!Kaleigh B.Kaleigh B. ★★★★★ Excellent service - on time and came 1 day after making the appointment. They are thorough and quick.Bruce G.Bruce G. ★★★★★ Professional and thorough cleaners. They go above and beyond and really pay attention to the little details. Perfect for a weekly clean and super easy to book appointments online.JakeJake ★★★★★ Gaby and Lorena were great! They cleaned the place quickly and thoroughly. Good price compared to other cleaning providers I was looking at.Kelsey M.Kelsey M. ★★★★★ I love these guys. Great work ethic. My house has never been cleaner.William D.William D. ★★★★★ Wonderful people! When i call them to clean our apartments they are always on time, efficient and pleasant. A well-run organization.Dan F.Dan F. ★★★★★ Great service - friendly and efficient!Jeff S.Jeff S. ★★★★★ They always do a thorough job. I will continue to use them so long as I’m in Austin.Katie H.Katie H. ★★★★★ I've been a customer for over two year now. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the services this company offers! Outstanding cleaning, responsive and...Liz K.Liz K. ★★★★★ My house was really really well-cleaned.Kyle M.Kyle M. ★★★★★ I have used Boardwalk cleaners for the past year, and think they are great! I can put my cleaning on hold when I'm away, and if I need them to come another...Susan E.Susan E. ★★★★★ They did a great job being organized and conducting a deep clean for a move-out. Would recommendRavi N.Ravi N. ★★★★★ Great service, very accommodating, and reliable. Would highly recommend. Estimate is pretty accurate. You can can pick and choose what areas of the house...Mayra H.Mayra H. ★★★★★ Boardwalk is great, we’ve been using them twice a month for about a year. They’re thorough and can handle pretty much anything (we don’t have pets so can’t speak to that). There was only one instance where a shower was mistakenly overlooked and after one phone call they came right back to resolve it, no questions asked and no charge. Also have to give a special shoutout to Vianey H and Rosa R, they’re the best!Nick H.Nick H. ★★★★★ Angela and Emerita did a wonderful job today. I would definitely have them back!Kathy R.Kathy R. ★★★★★ I’ve used Boardwalk Cleaning for a few years now and have tried to even use a few other companies that were a little less. However I’ve found paying a little extra is way better. They are so professional and don’t use harsh smelling chemicals to clean with. Alway on time and they put everything back where it belongs. Highly recommend!Rachel F.Rachel F. ★★★★★ The Boardwalk Cleaning Co did a fantastic job with my 3 bedroom unit! I was not home at the time of the cleaning, which is never a problem because their employees are very professional and trustworthy! A deep clean left my place absolutely spotless in just over 4 hours! I would highly recommend anybody looking for a new cleaning company to try boardwalk!Kory E.Kory E. ★★★★★ The ladies who cleaned my apartment were super thorough and nice : ) I would use boardwalk cleaning again!Pegah N.Pegah N. ★★★★★ Boardwalk Cleaning is great! I used them for a deep-clean of my apartment because I'd been so busy with work. They were responsive during the booking and confirmation process, and were in and out of my place without issues. My home looked lovely and smelled great. Hands down would use them again. A couple of notes: I was a bit non-responsive in the beginning due to family issues and they offered discounts to grab my attention, including $$ off. I think, without this, I would feel like the final price would be a bit expensive for me to use them regularly. But that's me and they are totally worth the cost. One thing that would be nice is if the Team offered guidance on how to maximize clearing space. I moved some book stacks and a couple items of small furniture, but otherwise just guessed on what needed to be moved for the space to be cleaned. It is SO true that everyone cleans before the cleaning team comes! 🙂 Thanks again, Boardwalk Cleaning. Very enjoyable experience.Nikki S.Nikki S. ★★★★★ We use Boardwalk service every week for more them 3 years. They are super reliable, have quality teams and in case you have any small issue or emergencies they respond fast with a great attention.João Z.João Z. ★★★★★ Excellent service! Exceeded expectationsJennifer J.Jennifer J. ★★★★★ This is a great company with friendly ladies who always aim to please. I highly recommend them for their punctuality as well as excellent service.MARK B.MARK B. ★★★★★ I have been with Boardwalk at least a year & EVERY TIME they go OVER & ABOVE.Vianex H & Rosa Ruiz have come lately & their smiling faces, can do attitudes; quality work truly is a gift to the customer.You MUST hire Boardwalk Cleaning Company for your home/work or apartment!It’s money WELL SPENT!Lyn A.Lyn A. ★★★★★ Great organizers/managers and many of cleaning staff team is very good, professional, detailed and do great job 👏👍👌Deepak G.Deepak G. ★★★★★ Great professional service, Facundo and team are good and professional organizers and the cleaning staff team is wonderful, professional, do a good job and...Deepak G.Deepak G. ★★★★★ Nora & Ingris from Boardwalk did an AMAZING job. I opted for the deep clean and it was cleaned beyond my expectations. They cleaned the fireplace, vacuumed all couches/loveseats/dining room chairs, wiped all windows seals (I have a million plants-they get dirty) and more. I would HIGHLY recommend Boardwalk. I’ll be using them again.Brittni V.Brittni V. ★★★★★ Team9 did a terrific job. They were nice and professional. The house looks great. Looking forward to regular cleaning services with your company.susan M.susan M. ★★★★★ They did an amazing job. My house has never been this clean!Kenna M.Kenna M. ★★★★★ The Boardwalk Cleaning team has worked for us for several years, and has consistently delivered great service, while being responsive to our particular needs. They're terrific! Five stars!Herman D.Herman D. ★★★★★ From the initial request for a quote to the actual booking and using this company, the service was excellent!!! Customer service with communication and phenomenal service is what they delivered. Highly recommend.Tee N.Tee N. ★★★★★ From the initial request for a quote to the actual booking and using this company, the service was excellent!!! Customer service with communication and...Tee N.Tee N. ★★★★★ Boardwalk was fantastic. They showed up on time and did an exceptional job of deep cleaning my apartment.Jon D.Jon D. ★★★★★ Great job! Just for move out service and they did fantastic!! Highly recommendNiria W.Niria W. ★★★★★ Other companies have done a deep cleaning at our house and none have completed the job as thoroughly as the ladies who were at our home. They cleaned every inch and worked the whole time they were here. They were very pleasant, on time, and thoughtful. We will definitely use them again for our next deep clean.Ashley M.Ashley M. ★★★★★ Other companies have done a deep cleaning at our house and none have completed the job as thoroughly as the ladies who were at our home. They cleaned...Ashley M.Ashley M. ★★★★★ I work full time and I am also a full time caretaker for my elderly Mother, who has some challenging health issues. Boardwalk has been a complete ray of hope for me. We don't seem to be the normal customers, or at least I would imagine, we're always home for the cleanings, we have two dogs that run around, Mom is always slowly moving out of the way on her walker. And every single time, the team they send to the house is so patient, so kind, incredibly trustworthy and they do such a great job for us. They are just wonderful people that come to the house for us, I can't say enough about them.Boardwalk has been very communicative with me when Mom's not well and they reschedule me, even at the last moment to accommodate our schedule.The teams that come are even kind to my dogs (but I will say my dogs are pretty chill, if your dog is wild definitely put them up haha). They are extremely trustworthy, and always show up with a positive and kind attitude. And I don't know if there are other caregivers out there, but just that alone, someone coming to help you, and they smile and get it done for you, it is just a huge help inside and out.I recommend this company. And I really really appreciate and like them very much!Jennifer S.Jennifer S. ★★★★★ Flexible with our schedule or moving around our cleaning day. They do a great job and are very nice.Jennifer S.Jennifer S. ★★★★☆ They did a good job, but could have been more thorough. I would use them again. Could have just been an oversight.Annie S.Annie S. ★★★★★ My go to for move in/out cleaning! 🙂Acacia K.Acacia K. ★★★★★ Excellent experience - they were on time, the house was thoroughly cleaned. The entire experience was professional, well-communicated and beyond our expectations!Schlett F.Schlett F. ★★★★★ Punctual, friendly service and good attention to detail. Response front office staff as well. Would recommend!A 1.A 1. ★★★★★ I used boardwalk for a custom clean and they did an excellent job - cleaned areas I didn’t even know were dirty. Very hardworking staff and professional.katie B.katie B. ★★★★★ We LOVE our Boardwalk Cleaning team! They have been cleaning our house weekly since this spring. They do an incredible, thorough, careful job each week (and they tuck our dog into her bed under her blanket each week too 💗). We would recommend them to anyone!Aimee C.Aimee C. ★★★★★ Brigit and Lucia did a fantastic job cleaning my home. They were professional and even went above and beyond with little details. It was a last minute booking and I am very happy with how it all turned out. Will be a return customer for sure.Alyssa W.Alyssa W. ★★★★★ I called and was able to get on schedule last minute for a move-out clean.Cleaning was great and they went above and beyond to make my service great. Thank youDave R.Dave R. ★★★★★ Good! first time deep cleaning experience so hard to know what to expect. I paid around $300 for small duplex, my biggest complaint was the wall behind where my dogs dog bowl is was still dirty and wall scuff marks but maybe wall wasn’t included!I’d have them come back for regular serviceDM M.DM M. ★★★★★ They did a fabulous job! Will use again. Thank you so much!Lizzie S.Lizzie S. ★★★★★ We have absolutely loved having Boardwalk Cleaning, they now clean our house bi-weekly and have done a great job.Anina B.Anina B. ★★★★★ Very detailed cleaning process with a polite and professional team. They have great follow up and the best pricing I found in Austin. They also send out automated email reminders, as well as a text message 30 minutes prior to arrival. Awesome company!Matt L.Matt L. ★★★★★ Great people to work with and very professional.Joel P.Joel P. ★★★★★ I've tried out several local cleaning companies but never made it past the first service. Boardwalk Cleaning did an excellent job and hit the mark where other cleaners fall short, like cleaning the hard-to-reach places, blinds, fan blades, emptying all trash cans and even re-making our beds. They also arrived on time and were very professional. I'm booking cleaning services on a recurring basis!Haley M.Haley M. ★★★★★ Boardwalk did an amazing job on a deep clean, they show up on time and have great communication!Scott B.Scott B. ★★★★★ Excellent!! It was a super clean house when Team 7 left! They were extremely efficient and professional!Pam B.Pam B. ★★★★★ We hired them to come do a standard clean of our home 2 days before our wedding *which we held at our house, and then again to come back after and do a deep clean. They were great both times. Definitely will hire them when we're looking for services in the future.Elise B.Elise B. ★★★★★ I have used Boardwalk for many years and they do a fantastic job! I highly recommend them!Peggy L.Peggy L. ★★★★★ The girls were pleasant to work with They were very efficient really pleased with everything they did well worth the moneyfcoErnie U.fcoErnie U. ★★★★★ You don’t need to worry if you’re getting your money’s worth. We did a deep clean - great result. We’ll go with them for all our future cleaning needs. These are professionals.Leila SLeila S ★★★★★ Always a pleasure and the crew today were fantastic. So pleased.Angie N.Angie N. ★★★★★ This is THE BEST company I have worked with for cleaning services! I immediately got to speak to one of their representatives when I called and he walked me through the different options and the procedures over the phone. I received an invoice immediately without requesting it, and i was able to correspond before the cleaning day through text. I was given live updates the day of, and that made me feel like Boardwalk respects my time as well. The ladies who visited our home did a phenomenal job and were very nice! I will be calling Boardwalk Cleaning for ALL of my future cleaning needs!Elisa F.Elisa F. ★★★★★ Juan is very professional, friendly and quick to respond. Boardwalk Cleaning did an amazing deep clean and left the property smelling clean and fresh! I will continue using this company.JD CJD C ★★★★★ First time using this company and the team was so nice! The two ladies went above and beyond with cleaning what I requested, and organizing and leaving my home looking nice and kept.Mink S.Mink S. ★★★★★ Good people doing good work. Never had an issue with Boardwalk.Alec M.Alec M. ★★★★★ They were wonderful but make sure you speak a little spanish.Ralph S.Ralph S. ★★★★★ Did a great job! Seamless & flexible to work with. Have used before and will use againBB ★★★★★ Amazing job on our home cleaning !Kayla S.Kayla S. ★★★★★ They were very detailed oriented and affordable! We will definitely be using them again!amanda H.amanda H. ★★★★★ 100% satisfied! I booked my apartment cleaning not even a full week before I needed it done and they had great availability! I booked a makeready cleaning...Courtney T.Courtney T. ★★★★★ 2 girls. Very pleasant. A supervisor dropped by. Did a good job and did not do anything except clean. Will have them again.Clean S.Clean S. ★★★★★ Spent extra time cleaning special items requested by our real estate agent.Janey T.Janey T. ★★★★★ So responsive and the quality of the clean was the best I've experienced of the several companies I have tried. Thank you! I'll be using them monthly from here on out.Nicole L.Nicole L. ★★★★★ YOUR YOUNG LADY EMPLOYEES WERE ADORABLE, SWEET, PROFESSIONAL, TIMELY AND ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!I WOULD APPRECIATE THEM RETURNING ON A REGULAR BASIS! 😉Gayle-Suzanne B.Gayle-Suzanne B. ★★★★★ Attention to detail!!! This is very important to me. Thank you for making a cleaner and healthier environment for me and my family!Judith Estrada G.Judith Estrada G. ★★★★★ Great customer service, very friendly , great rate.Ernesto M.Ernesto M.js_loader

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