Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Fridge

We may all be guilty of this or have experienced it at some point in time, we peek inside the fridge searching for a snack only to find an odor. A strange, potent, funky odor. “What is that??” Could it be last night’s leftovers? Last weeks leftovers? Perhaps the milk has soured, or grandma’s homemade…

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Kick the Clutter in 5 Minutes or Less: 14 Awesome Tricks

Getting Rid of Clutter

Got five minutes, kick the clutter. Use these 14 awesome tips to tackle spaces throughout your home in 5 minutes or less. The dust bunnies will thank you. 1. Toss the coffee mugs Unless you are a collector whose love is for the coffee cups of the world, chances are you have a few extra…

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