The Boardwalk Cleaning Co.

Our story begins with a need for a better cleaning company.  Our co-founders Jessica Duarte and Paula Jones had a desire to create something new in an already crowded market.  There were lots of maid service companies out there, but there weren’t any that provided an outstanding attention to detail with astonishing customer service.

Let’s face it there are few people out there who like to clean, or have time to clean.  We don’t clean our own houses either, unless we are too busy in which case we suffer.  We are a really cool group of Austinites, some of OG’s and the rest transplants, but we all call Austin out home.  So we know what it is like to have too much on our plates to tackle the big and little cleaning projects.  There is just too much to do here.

We have been here for awhile, and we aren’t going anywhere.

We aren’t just opening up and overselling on Groupon….we are here to stay.

We will get to know your name and what drives you the craziest about cleanliness…if you let us.

We will often bend over backward to make you happy, but we are also human and except common courtesy.

And that’s our story.

Our Team & Culture

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to wow you.

Paula Jones

Paula Jones

Co-Founder & CEO

Paula has spent the past 16 years in technology sales and was a silent partner in Lone Star Maids for 8 years. She began her career in technology at Dell as both a sales representative and later a sales manager, selling to the Fortune 1000. She then spent 12 years at Apple Inc., building sales teams that sell into the Fortune 500.

In 2012, Paula left technology to work full time with The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. Paula’s strengths are: finding and recruiting top talent, bringing customers and solutions together, leading through integrity, openness and creativity, helping others to achieve their goals.

Jess Duarte (with Hoochie)

Jess Duarte (with Hoochie)

Co-Founder & VP

Jess leads the strategy, brand marketing and vision of The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. She presides over the strategic planning, design, development and management of our online presence. In October 2003, Jess co-founded Lone Star Maids. Prior to 2003, Jess worked in the technology industry. She ran her own web design company, Avispero and was in sales at both Apple Inc. and Dell Computer in Round Rock, Texas.

Jess’ strengths are: brand awareness, web design, technology trends, project management, recruiting top talent, building strong teams.

Adriana Torrente

Adriana Torrente

Field Manager & Quality Control Supervisor

Adriana Torrente is the Field Manager, and Quality Control Supervisor of The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. and has been with the company since 2011. She currently leads all the maid teams both in the office, and well as in the field. She provides supervision and training to all current maid staff as well as all newly hired maid staff. Adriana is also an integral part of the sales and service team as she meets clients face-to-face on a day to day basis.

Prior to The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. Adriana worked for Solos Autos as an Outside Sales Rep. She managed a territory in San Antonio as well as Austin. Her greatest experience comes from working with More Hands maid services in Austin, TX for more than 8 years where she began as a maid team member and worked her way up to Area Supervisor.

Juan Cordisco

Juan Cordisco

Operations Manager

Juan joined us in April 2012 and has been the Operations Manager at The Boardwalk Cleaning Co., since January 2015. As the head of Operations, Juan oversees day-to-day workings, scheduling and employee management.

Born in Mar Del Plate, Argentina, Juan comes with years of experience in the medical field. Attention to detail, client care and satisfaction are his top priorities.

In his spare time, Juan is an avid bicycle rider and gym-goer. You can catch him working out at the Hancock center’s 24-Hour Fitness gym on his lunch breaks, almost everyday. He also enjoys craft beers and trailer eateries on the weekends.

Facundo Cordisco (with Emmy)

Facundo Cordisco (with Emmy)

Sales & Service

Born in Mar Del Plate, Argentina. He‘s Juans’ little brother. He has been with The Boardwalk Co. since April of 2014 and has your needs in mind. If there is a question on your mind, he can answer it.

In his spare time, Facundo is an avid soccer player. He also enjoys and believes he is "the man" in his fantasy football league.



Chief Companion Officer

Mags came to us in the fall of 2014 by why of Juan. Previously she was at Austin Pets Alive. While he does house her and feed her, she is the chief companion officer for the Boardwalk Cleaning Co., and her real home is here at the office. Her weaknesses are belly rubs, ear scratching, and she loves to gnaw on her ram horn.